How Mafia Closed on Rwakoojo and Taremwa from Day one in Office until they Resigned

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The underhand methods of operation known to be exercised by dreaded government mafia to haunt institutions spread to Electoral Commission (EC) targeting two individuals- secretary Sam Rwakoojo and the spokesperson Jotham Taremwa until last Tuesday when they surrendered and quit offices to save their lives and families.

Their resignation followed a series of threats orchestrated by the deadly mafia that has long worked to bring them down during their time at Electoral Commission while serving with diligence, commitment and loyalty.

On Tuesday, Rwakoojo, Taremwa and other six top officials including director Godfrey Wanyoto, Head of Finance Joseph Lwanga and head of technical support Pontius Lwanga with two other IT officers tendered their resignation.

Reports spread like wildfire how President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had instructed EC chairman Simon Byabakama to remove the the 8 eight managers from office.

This article traces the journey in which Mr Rwakoojo and Taremwa have long been victims of witch-hunt at EC having been engulfed by the agents of mafia working inside the organization.

Since taking up an office, Rwakoojo was silently battling an invisible hand to a point that the mafia peddled malicious propaganda that he lacked qualifications to run the office.

The mafia, worked to serve the interests of former Prime Minister who initially had fronted her sister to take up the Secretary’s job but President Museveni chose Rwakoojo.

Jotham Taremwa equaled suffered the same harassment when he joined EC as the spokesperson, a job the mafia had targeted to continue serving selfish interests.

Reports dating way back in 2015 alleged that Taremwa was a serving soldier of presidential elite force Special Force Command (SFC).

The allegations came in at a critical time when the commission was organizing 2016 general election.

The mafia alleged that Taremwa and Rwakoojo hail from the same village in Kiruhura District and were running operations of EC on NRM’s directives.

The two officials were put under 24/7 surveillance by security agents loyal to the mafia.

The reason was to monitor their movements, who they talk to, who they deal with particularly in government so that it can be used as evidence against them.

The mafia offered money to close associates of the duo to obtain their audio and video recordings of who they deal with.

For example, there is agent identified as Brian Arinaitwe Kagu an ally of former premier who sometime trailed Taremwa for close to two years.

His mission was to set up Taremwa and later frame him as having been caught in a corruption act.

But Kagu’s mission was not successful.

On several occasions the mafia trailed Taremwa and his boss Rwakoojo up to their upcountry village all in the name of looking for “evidence” to use against them.

Kagu was later busted by security and it was found out that he is Kagu is related one of the ISO operative who was close to former and was put on katebe in the name of dispatched for training.

In our part two we will reveal how mafia planned against the two officials after 2016 until last Tuesday when they resigned.

Source – Trumpet News

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