My accent shows I went to good schools – Sanyu FM’s new kid on the block, Ethan Kavuma

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Uganda’s oldest radio station Sanyu FM recently embarked on a mic search for the next biggest radio signing on the airwaves and Ethan Kavuma, an artist known as Eth won the competition.  Kavuma has songs like Omutima Gwange, No delay, Mbeera Eno, Kwata Bukwasi featuring Fik Fameica, Kunya featuring Sheebah and Mwooli featuring King Saha.

Kavuma got a three-year contract to work on the radio and Shs3,000,000. Matooke Republic had a one-on-one interview with the newest radio presenter in the city to find out what new thing his bringing to the competitive radio industry.

Who is Ethan Kavuma?

Ethan Kavuma is an artiste and creative. I consider myself a versatile individual.

What’s your education background?

My educational background wasn’t the typical graduate like everyone else. I knew what I always wanted to do from the word go. Shortly after High School, I ventured into media related courses and was blessed to be given an opportunity to practice right away on air waves that led me to where I am today.

You look like you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth, what’s your story?

Me? Silver Spoon?  On the contrary. I’m a hard worker. Anyone that’s had a chance to be with me on a personal level knows that I come from a humble family.

Many girls have a crush on you. What’s your type?

Haha… Personality over rules most things. About girls having a crush I wouldn’t exactly be in the know, I wouldn’t say I have got a specific type. 

Are you in a relationship?

Yes, I’m seeing someone.

Have you ever worked on radio?

What most people don’t know is before even my music career, radio was my first love it more like introduced me to the industry.

What new thing are you bringing on the radio scene?

The new thing I’m bringing to radio will definitely speak for itself overtime. I will let the audiences be the judge of that.

How are you planning to be outstanding, given the radio industry is very competitive?

I believe I will remain outstanding with the competitive radio industry because I’m not just a host. Not every day you get a radio personality that’s also an artiste so it’s an added advantage. 

How did you come to join the competition? Was it personal interest or someone pushed you to join?

Joining the competition was definitely a personal interest. And look at where we are now, WINNING!

What’s your style of presentation?

My style of presentation comes in all forms respectively; I usually don’t like to label myself to something specific because I can fit into so many patterns.

What’s with the accent? Did you study from aboard?

The accent is simply me. Let’s just say good schools.

Source – Matooke Republic

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