Police say thugs that broke into Ofwono Opondo’s home took off with Shs30k and a small Nokia phone

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Police in Mukono are investigating a case of burglary and theft that took place at the home of government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo’s home located in Nakago Cell, Ntawo, and Ward Central Division Mukono Municipality.

The incident happened yesterday on Thursday night at around 9:00pm. It is alleged that two thugs armed with two new pangas and dressed in casual clothes with face masks broke into Ofwono’s home. They locked his wife Jane Nalukwago Opondo and their two daughters in a room.

According to Opondo, the thugs entered the house through the main gate, which has no guards and was only bolted without a padlock. They then moved to the master bedroom with the three victims.  They broke open the wardrobes of the master bedroom.

“In one of the wardrobes, there was a handbag of Jane Opondo with Shs30,000 that they moved out with and her small feature mobile phone Nokia black,” says police.

“They later fled the scene without injuring anyone in the family,” it adds.

However, the black Nokia phone that had been reported stolen from Mrs Opondo was recovered a few metres away from their house.

Source – Matooke Republic

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