NRM Primaries: Kajwengye Turns Spotlight on Electoral Fraud In Nyabushozi; Exposes Fred Mwesigye

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The Nyabushozi Member of Parliament hopeful, Wilson Kajwengye has exposed alleged fraud in the recently-conducted National Resistance Movement (NRM) primary elections in his constituency.

Kajwengye insisted that he rightly declared himself as the winner of the NRM flagbearer for Nyabushozi because his victory was robbed during the tallying process where his competitor Col. Fred Mwesigye was given more inflated results. 

“Dear Comrades, it has been more than a week since Col Fred Mwesigye’s declaration was cancelled and suspended. It is important that we explain  the facts and debunk the myths so that those who tried to steal an election and impose themselves on the people must not be allowed to succeed,” said Kajwengye. 

Adding: “Firstly, I did not break any law when I stated that I won this election. How can the truth be illegal? How can facts be unlawful?”

He stated that crimes were instead committed by the Kiruhura district NRM election boss who  was involved in falsification of results and documents. 

“The real unlawful act was done in the name of the NRM registrar/returning  officer of kiruhura Distrìct. There was falsification of results. That is criminal. There was uttering of false documents. There was fraud. There was forgery. All these acts are criminal,” he said.

He then proceeded to enumerate cases of fraud that unfolded during the tally of results. 

In Kanyabihara cell, Kenshunga Subcounty,  Col. Fred Mwesigye reportedly got 102 votes but David Andinda Agom, the returning officer at the district gave him 402 votes. 

In Kayanga cell, in Kenshunga, Kajwengye said he won with 60 votes against Mwesigye’s 30 votes but the returning officer instead gave the latter 830 votes. 

He challenged Mwesigye to produce the 830 supporters he has in Kayanga cell.

In Karuroko, Kikatsi, Mwesigye got 116 votes but it was reportedly inflated to 769 by the officials.

In Naama central in Kinoni Sub-county, Kajwengye said he won with 240 votes and Mwesigye got 183 but the returning officer gave 500 votes.  

In Kashwa in Kiruhura town council, Kajwengye said he got 76 votes against Mwesigye’s 64 votes but the latter was given 466 during tally.

In Nyakasharara in Kiruhura town council,   Mwesigye got 59 votes but the returning officer allegedly recorded it as 1006 votes.  “This is not just theft. This is utterly disrespectful of the people of Nyabushozi who turned on the 4/9/2020 and patiently lined up to make their voice heard,” he said.

The people of Kiruhura have in recent days been pouring their anger on social media platforms, saying the polls were marred by malpractices to help Mwesigye emerge victorious.

According to audios seen by ChimpReports, others threatened to abandon NRM or even vote the opposition in the 2021 elections if Kajwengye is rigged out.

In Karengyezo, Mwesigye got 67 votes but was allegedly given 521 votes by the Returning Officer. 

In Rwenkombero, Mwesigye got 47 votes but ended up with 801 during the tally. 

In Akasusano, Rwetamu Subcounty, Mwesigye got 30 votes but was given 300 votes at the tally center. 

In Mugore cell, the home of the District NRM Chairman (Nzeire, the son in law of Col. Mwesigye) the returning officer reportedly gave Col Mwesigye over 1,400 votes, making Mugore one of the largest villages in Uganda. 

“These are a few examples of the blatant and shameless manner in which the will of the people of Nyabushozi was subverted by a small group including the so called returning officer.  Let me be clear. The inflation of votes in Nyabushozi is clear obvious and we shall not accept it,” he warned. 

He revealed that the voter register is being updated to favor the inflated number of votes given to Mwesigye who participated in the NRA bush war that brought President Museveni to power in 1986.

“In order to make this fraud believable they are now inflating the voter’s register long after the fact and looking for my agents to sign DR forms which they had denied them on the voting day. Unfortunately for them facts are stubborn little things. And the people of Nyabushozi who witnessed these facts are still there,” said Kajwengye 

He insisted that the entire result was fraudulent since the NRM Flag bearer(MP) of Nyabushozi has more votes than that of the district woman MP, which happened in the entire district not just in Nyabushozi and  at the same time. 

“It is no wonder more people voted for the Nyabushozi MP than the woman MP and the LC5 chairman,” he said. 

President Museveni has since vowed to crush officials involved in vote rigging.

“In districts where there is contention, verification of results is under way. In Kiruhura, for example, we have verified results from 151 villages and we are left with 60 other villages. We shall make our independent conclusions,” said Museveni.

Source – ChimpReports

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