StarTimes PRO Christine Nagujja talks about their new product StarTimes GO

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Recently StarTimes launched a new product called StarTimes GO which is an integrated e-shopping platform offering premium selected commodities of Good quality designs of products at the most affordable prices. The platform provides “TOP” experience in TV shopping, Online shopping and Phone-call shopping featuring Direct Source, Direct Broadcast, Direct Selling and Direct Delivery. Our reporter had an interview with the Spokesperson of StarTimes, Christine Nagujja, to give us more details about this product.


Q1: What is the shopping Channel like?

A1: The channel named StarTimes GO is a fully dedicated 24/7 shopping channel, which brings massive choices and unlimited happiness to Ugandan online shoppers. It boosts the Direct Broadcast of an immersive guide for the audience to experience the shopping together with the host of the dedicated channel, since “seeing is believing.” The comprehensive presentation and hand-to-hand instruction of the best commodities on this channel will help save time and energy in product comparison and selection.

Meanwhile, the commodities presented on the channel will be updated frequently, to ensure  constant unlimited, wide variety of choices for the audience.

Q2: What kind of commodities will be presented on the Channel?

A2: As mentioned before, StarTimes GO only recommends and sells the best. In addition to the current representative products relating to digital TV access, StarTimes GO has expanded the categories to high-tech daily commodities for family, well-designed light power bank, Hi-Fi wireless speaker, and Hair Clippers.

The 3 basic features of the available commodities are Good Design, Good Quality and Good Price.

First of all, we have a Direct Source of the commodities hence control of quality and supply.

Further more, we set a professional team to screen the candidate commodities previously with strict criteria in comparison and selection; so as to ensure that the branding and product meets the required high quality standards.

In addition to the above, the Direct Selling will eliminate unreasonable price raise from a third party or in the process, thus the customer can always enjoy a surprisingly appropriate price, hence spend the least for the best.

Q3: How can I order for goods after watching the Channel StarTimes GO?

A4: A call to +256317117777, then the thoughtful and experienced operator will further explain the way to make an order according to your detailed requirement. Or you can shop online on This online order access is also available on StarTimes ON App. You can also visit us on our official Facebook page, StarTimes Uganda, for more information.

Q4: How could the customer get the goods they have ordered?

A4: To ensure timely delivery, we have a well-equipped automobile delivery team that is supported by the efficient call center that ensures timely allocation of orders to the delivery team.


Source – BigEye.UG

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