FDC’s Amuriat Rules Out Talks with Government

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Patrick Amuriat Oboi, one of the aspirants for the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential Flag Bearer has dismissed the idea of dialoguing with the NRM government ahead of the 2021 elections.

Amuriat told press at the launch of the FDC Presidential Flag Bearer campaigns today that the party couldn’t sit down with people who have  mistreated them for long.

“With people who exercise arrogance as if we are second class citizens of this country? There is not going to be any compromise with characters that have destroyed our country,” Amuriat said.

His remarks were a rebuttal to opening statements by his lone opponent Wasswa Birigwa who had suggested talks with the NRM.

“If it is possible, can’t we really sit down and negotiate ourselves out of this quagmire? Can it be possible for Museveni to sit here and I sit there and I say Yoweri what do you want?” Birigwa suggested.

However, Amuriat told the FDC delegates not to wither but utilize the oncoming national campaigns to mobilize for regime change.

If handed the FDC flag, Amuriat vowed to straight away employ the ‘Defiance’ philosophy.

“We go into this election to bring an end to democratic, economic, social and moral decadence. You all know my dear friends that our country is on a nose dive as far as the economy is concerned. 82% of the total population lives in abject poverty, and those are found mainly in the East and the North and the Center here where people continue to lose property including that vital property called land to bourgeois who have used their positions in power to amass wealth,” Amuriat stated further.

On the other hand, his opponent Wasswa Birigwa promised increase citizen’s access to financial aid once he is entrusted with the country’s top most office.

“To begin even with the situation we are in of Covid-19, that each household will be given 100,000 Shillings per month for the next six months as soon as I become President of this nation,” Birigwa promised.

While many are fearful this may cause inflation, he explained that all this can be avoided if that money goes towards meeting basic necessities.

“Given that our current economy at the moment is hovering around 3% GDP growth, we should be able to suck that money in by virtue that the money you are given should be used to start a small business.”

Source – ChimpReports

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