INTERVIEW: Joy Mutamba speaks Business, Achievements, Failures, Inspirations  

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Of the people you have met and interacted with, who has left a mark on you and in what way?

Everyone has impacted my life. I remember when I met mama Janet Museveni, she told me that when you love and honour God, you will never go wrong or lack in life. Dr. Elly Karuhanga told me to never stop networking. It’s the people I meet today that will be my backbone in the future. Charles Peter Mayiga emphasised integrity. With it, you never make a loss in life. The people I hang around with know me to love people. I love giving back to the poor and less privileged.  I love supporting people’s businesses and innovations. And above all, I always choose love. I run a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) called Mzee Homecare Foundation that looks after the elderly.

What is your best quote?

There’s no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.

What best describes your job?

My job is flexible. I can work from anywhere, be it home, restaurant, hotel, farm. I don’t necessarily have to go to office unless  I get a client who wants us to meet in office.

What lessons are you drawing from the Covid-19 disruption?

I have learnt to save, live within my means and to invest wisely and be able to diversify.

What informed your career path?

I actually chose my career path a few years ago. I have also embarked on doing my masters in institutional management because I realised I have been a leader throughout my school, family and businesses.

What do you consider your biggest achievement on the job, and why?

Well, I run several businesses. But my biggest achievement are the people I meet and connections I get.

What have been your big failures and what lessons have you drawn from them?

I trust too much which has made me lose out on business and people. It is unfortunate that the world we live in today is one where people no longer have values. I have learnt to forgive, not give up and my head is always high.

What work ethics and principles do you uphold and why?

Integrity. You never make a loss in life. Honesty is an expensive virtue so don’t expect it from cheap people. Respect everyone in their capacity. Also, I fear God and always choose love.

 If you were to mentor someone, what key traits would you  pass on?

In life, nothing comes on a silver platter. Do something for yourself. Get a job , start small if you want to do business. But you have to be honest, respect people and their values and choices. The fear and honour of God will open bigger doors for you. Choose love above all. Give back to the poor and less privileged.

 Besides yourself and your job, what or who else do you live for and why?

I live for God and my family. God has been so good to me, and my family has been a great support structure in my life.

What makes you grateful about life?

The opportunities that life presents every day. Then, my family and friends.

 What endears you towards the elderly?

I lost both parents at a young age, I actually didn’t know them. My grandmother raised me along with my siblings. I saw how she struggled to look for money for our school fees, food, health and clothing in general. She is my hero. It’s unfortunate that in African we don’t have proper structures or programmes for the welfare of the elderly people. Always remember this: the only legacy that goes in for a lifetime is to honour and love our elders.

How do you split your time between the elderly and young?

First of all, I consider myself a young elder. As a youth, I manage and run businesses that involve the youth, so I know the challenges that we go through to make it in this selfish and competitive world. About the elderly, it’s a divine calling because of my background. I enjoy spending time with the elderly. I always sacrifice one weekend a month and go for community outreaches. I love listening to their stories. Remember, old is gold.

Who’s the author of the last book you read?

Colin Barrow. The 30 Day MBA. If you are a young entrepreneur, it’s a must read.

Where is the most interesting place you have been?

Italy. The beauty of Italy is both natural and man-made. The amazing places to see; things to experience and history to learn.

How many countries have you visited so far?

13 countries.

(Adopted from Daily Monitor)

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