Mao: NUP isn’t Growing but Swelling

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Democratic Party (DP) president General Norbert Mao who is known for his good command for the ‘queen’s language’ (english) has described National Unity Platform (NUP) as swelling rather than growing.

Mao, was responding to allegations that NUP, a new political party in the land presided over by Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine had successfully eaten up DP following departure of almost all DP legislators who recently swore their allegiance to singer Bobi Wine.

Mao, a lawyer with unmatched rhetoric, responded saying NUP isn’t growing but swelling.

He was appearing on NBSTV Barometer talk show on Tuesday night to discuss the politics as Uganda prepares for 2021 general elections.

He explained that growing is organic where a living thing undergoes natural development, increases in size and changes physically.

And also when something is becoming greater over a period of time by increasing, if its businesses the profits increase, if it’s a political organization the support increases.

“That is what we call growing,” Mao said.

He further articulated that swelling is an abnormal increase in size or shape.

Swelling can also mean abnormal movement.

Mao is also known for his calculative words didn’t go deep into explaining how NUP is swelling.

But a panelist on the show, Charles Rwomushana was quick to say NUP is suffering from “kwashiorkor.”

Earlier, Betty Nambooze, the Mukono MP who recently crossed from DP to NUP bragged how the party has gained support and has since become a threat to other opposition political organizations.

But Mao warned Nambooze not to be like fish which followed water to the beach and didn’t return to the lake, and subsequently died on the shores.

Leaders of NUP and its fostering parent People Power are battling reports of extortion and favoritism at a time the party is choosing flag bearers for different political positions in the country.

But reports claim that the leadership of NUP is handing flags to the rich or those close to the inner circle particularly the ‘principal’ Mr Kyagulanyi.

Source – Trumpet News

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