PS Dr Atwine applauds front line workers after Uganda got recognized as best in Africa in suppressing COVID-19

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The Permanent Secretary to the ministry of Health Dr Diana Atwine took to her social media pages to congratulate and thank her troops; the front line workers after Uganda got recognized as best country in Africa for the efforts to suppress the COVID-19 epidemic.

All milestones ranging from the recent selection of Uganda in the top 10 countries to suppress the pandemic, the low mortality rate, containing the spread to the distribution of food relief to members of the communities, the PS celebrates the precision and comradeship of the entire medical and ministry staff.

The health   minister and permanent secretary are known for having led their team with a philosophy of Go hard and Go early”. When contacted for a comment, the permanent secretary had this to say.

“Communicating bad news is a difficult task but we constantly had to get out even when it meant risking demoralizing the nation but we have a duty to communicate with transparency. And that has proved the vital antidote to this risk,” Dr Diana Atwine talking to the press at a recent function at the ministry.

A CNN report by global research company Lancent published earlier this week ranked Uganda 10th and the 1st in Africa. The speed and scope of the coronavirus crisis presented extraordinary challenges for all leaders and the PS wasn’t left out. Her leadership has called for decisive action and honest communication.

Source – Matooke Republic

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