Kibalama on tenterhooks, contradicts self as court cross-examines him over NUP Party

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kibalama in court

The founder of the National Unity Reconciliation and Development Party (NURDP) that has since evolved into the National Unity Platform (NUP), Mzee Nkonge Kibalama is set to face criminal charges for filing false documents to the independent electoral commission for change of Party name.

Kibalama was appearing before Court to pronounce himself about changing his affidavits in the case brought against him. Kibalama and former party secretary had sworn and signed affidavits that the party leadership and the name were changed after delegates’ conference which occurred in Kakiri.

In 2019, Kibalama and other party members applied to the Electoral commission to have NURP change to NUP and the application was objected. It was revealed that in 2012 and 2013, they attempted to change the party name to Independent National Unity Party however their application was declined.

During cross examination, Mzee Nkonge first objected to filing right documents to have NURP changed to NUP however in turn he contracted himself saying the documents were false and he made a mistake.

According to section 15 (3) of the political party and organisations act, section 15 (3) of the political party and organisations act, section 15 (3) of the political party and organisations act, any person who furnishes information knowing that it is false,  commits an offence and liable on conviction and sentence not exceeding two years.

In the first affidavit prepared by Anthony Wameli and company advocates and signed on 14 September 2020, Mr. Kibalama said the party leadership and name were changed after a delegates conference attended by 41 delegates in Kakiri.

On 17th September, he signed another affidavit drafted by the Bayingana Barungi and company advocates, Nkonge informed the court that he is retracting the first one. He said they didn’t have a delegates conference however sat with nine people and changed the party name and leadership.

“What prompted you to change the affidavit?” Sseggona asked. In his response, Kibalama said he was denied a role in NUP that is why he wants to reclaim the party. NUP lawyers however told the court that Kibalama is the head of elders and advisory committee in the party.

When asked who the party president is, Kibalama who failed to identify his lawyers said he is the Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi however says that the party leadership was not changed in conformity with the law.

Earlier this month, Kibalama was filmed saying that Bobi Wine promised him $5million to hand over party to him however when he appeared before Court, he denied making such a statement and respondents lawyer Lubega Medard Sseggona promised to avail video recording of him.

He also asked the court to help him regain his freedom adding that it is in public domain that his friends have been looking for him and they  could not locate him and all his numbers were off until Uganda peoples Defence forces (UPDF) came out to clarify that it is availing him security. “I would like do like my family to visit me unfortunately, they are not in Uganda,” he said.

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