New Strategies: Asymptomatic Covid-19 Patients to Be Treated from Home, Admission Facilities Saved for Symptomatic Cases

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As Covid-19 cases continue to surge each passing day, Government, through the Ministry of Health, is revising the strategies put in place to handle and treat Covid-19 patients.

Hon Robinah Nabbanja, the State Minister of Health for General Duties said that the changes are intended to reduce crowding in most of the government health facilities where Covid-19 patient admission is underway.

“We are changing some strategies with the asymptomatic cases. We shall be dealing with symptomatic cases; those people who show signs of covid-19 will be treated in our health facilities but asymptomatic cases will be treated from home,” Nabbanja said.

“This is because the cases are going up and we think that the system will be overwhelmed. We are encouraging the asymptomatic cases to stay at home,” she added.

Although this could come with some serious effects, for instance, asymptomatic patients passing on the virus to those around them in their households, the Minister urged Ugandans to be more responsible as this pertains their health.

“Ugandans should become more responsible than ever before. We have gone in the fourth phase of the infection. This is a very dangerous phase because the system is overwhelmed. Therefore, treatment can only be done for people with underlying health conditions. These include the pregnant women, people with diabetes among others,” she stated.

Re-opening of Schools

As schools are yet to re-open for finalists, the Ministry of Health said students will be given free face masks. This will be done in conjunction with the Ministry of Education which will pass on the masks to the various schools and institutions.

“As Ministry of Health, we have been in touch with the Ministry of Education. We have also been directed by the President to give masks to students, both government and private institutions,” Nabbanja said.

“We expect each student to get 2 masks and we believe that schools will observe SOPs by providing sanitizers, having temperature monitoring guns and hand washing facilities. We also expect them to enforce social distancing among students in the classrooms,” she added.

The Minister also noted that the Ministry of Health will ensure that teachers and parents are sensitised so that students’ safety is prioritised.


Source – ChimpReports

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