Museveni: Ugandans no longer Die young because of NRM

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Majority of Ugandans die at the age of 63, unlike in the past when the life span was 43 years thanks to the ruling party.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has revealed Thursday afternoon at State House that when he captured power, his administration introduced programs that uplifted livelihoods of Ugandans which prevented them from dying at early ages.

Museveni said the NRM focused much on health care system.

The President cited roles that have been played by the elderly saying had they died early, the country wouldn’t benefit.

For example, Museveni said he translated the dictionary into vernacular (Runyankore) to help many Ugandans understand the local language.

“I had been busy with so many things, until recently when I concentrated on translating the dictionary into Runyankore, that dictionary is called Karondozi,” he said.

Adding that, “assuming I died at 50, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do that.”

Museveni said he translated the dictionary with the help of his father Mzee Amos Kaguta who was then at 80.

“I think you can see, he was 80 years and died at 97, he would clock 100 if he wasn’t smoking the pipe.”

Museveni advised ageing Ugandans to avoid foods that are likely to affect their health.



Source – Trumpet News

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