OPINION: DP’s ‘Forward to Freedom’ – the Precursor of Uganda’s Independence

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The story of DP and the story of Uganda are intertwined. On 6th October, 1954 DP was founded. Its anniversary was two days ago.

As a nationalist anti colonial political party, DP was one of the pioneer political formations that asserted the right of Ugandans to self determination and fought for and demanded for the redress of colonial wrongs.

In March 1961, DP formed the first government led by a Ugandan. Since then DP has been relentless in its fight for democracy based on constitutionalism. This struggle is inspired by our motto – Truth and Justice. DP led the negotiations that ushered in Uganda’s independence.

Unfortunately, one of Founding Fathers of Uganda was brutally murdered and his body has never been found. This gruesome episode and its likes have since defined our history.

Within 13 months of offering great leadership to this Country, Democratic Party laid the foundation for the modern Ugandan state. It managed to secure and expedite Uganda’s independence since this was the major campaign agenda in the Democratic Party manifesto titled “Forward to Freedom” in the 1961 elections.

The Democratic Party government negotiated the independence constitution and was thus pivotal in determining an independent Uganda that the NRM government narrowed to become an activity of their party.

That said, celebrating the day per se is of great importance as the same reminds and informs Ugandans of the life that our forefathers lived under colonialism.

It does not, however, make sense to celebrate this day in circumstances where many Ugandans are languishing in absolute poverty otherwise what is the essence of Ugandans celebrating the day without being economically independent!

Therefore, we take it upon ourselves as Democratic Party to remind the NRM government that our major object of fighting and securing independence for this country was to enable Ugandans become economically independent.

It is thus the responsibility of NRM as a ruling government to devise strategies that shall see many Ugandans economically independent rather than focusing only on such activities that aim to keep itself in power but at the expense of Ugandans as is the case at present. As DP we have presented alternative policies to secure liberty and prosperity for all Ugandans.

Lastly, to the majority Ugandans struggling economically we declare to you that it is absolutely our right to be economically independent. We therefore dedicate this year’s celebration to the struggle for economic emancipation. Under the NRM, the dream of an integrated, independent and self sustaining national economy has been shattered.

It is important to note in conclusion that we are under captivity as a country because we have chosen to be subdued by our captors. However it is not late, we can conglomerate our energies together and establish a government of truth and justice that shall offer better leadership to this country.


The writer is the DP Spokesperson

Source – ChimpReports

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