Nyabushozi: Col. Mwesigye Threatens to Sue NRM for Nullifying his “Victory”

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The Nyabushozi County Member of Parliament, Col. Fred Mwesigye has threatened to sue the National Resistance Movement party for nullifying the constituency’s primary election results and vowed not to participate in fresh polls.

Col. Mwesigye, through his lawyers of Okello Oryem and Co. Advocates, wrote a strongly worded letter to NRM Election Commission Chairman, Dr. Tanga Odoi and copied it to party chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, warning them to wait for the legal consequences if they dare not to give him the party flag.

He said the national Constitution, which transcends the party constitution, bars NRM from canceling his win and earlier endorsement.

“An election process is like a River, it does not flow backwards. Every stage is conclusive of its own. Therefore once the party (NRM) exhausted its legal mandate with regard to the election and declared and endorsed our client as its flag bearer, it is not permitted by the national law to review or depart from its declaration and endorsement,” said part of the letter dated October 11.

NRM’s Central Executive Committee last week nullified the Nyabushozi County results and ordered fresh elections in 84 villages where the jailed Kiruhuura District Returning Officer, David Agom Andinda is said to have rigged the results in favour of Mwesigye.

In the 56 villages, intelligence ‘excavated’ the results which Col Mwesigye’s group had altered.

In the 28 villages, there was no voting.

The result for Nyabushozi County had higher total than that of the district woman MP.

The president said fresh polls should be held in all these 84 villages to give credibility to the election results.

Museveni further cautioned that NRM must avoid a political tsunami in Kiruhuura district where people protested Mwesigye’s alleged victory.


However, Col. Mwesigye vowed to strongly protest against any plans to organize fresh elections and said he will not participate in it.

“In any case and for the reasons above, our client shall not participate in any other NRM processes regarding his status, including any fresh election exercises. He shall also vehemently contest them,” said Mwesigye’s lawyers.

Mwesigye concluded by warning the NRM to get ready for a legal battle, defeat and paying heavy costs to him if the flag is taken away from him.

“This letter serves to advise that under no circumstances should the NRM party be hoodwinked into revisiting the status of our client. Otherwise the party and the candidates will be exposed to unnecessary litigation and intervention of the courts and the heavy costs that come with it,” Mwesigye warned

The area returning officer Andinda has so far been arrested and charged with three counts of uttering false documents, forgery and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Source – ChimpReports

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