West Budama Battle: Interview: Ogandi returns as Independent to show Fox Odo “how Things can be Done Right”

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Denis Peter Ogandi, an NRM loyalist has returned to stand for West Budama North East, challenging his rival Fox Odoi following a hotly contested NRM primary race that was marred with chaos.

With a pile of evidence of irregularities Ogandi presented to the NRM tribunal, he however, lost the petition prompting him to return as an independent candidate and was nominated on Thursday by the Electoral Commission.

Speaking to this website after his nomination, Mr Ogandi, an Engineer by profession who has closely worked with President Yoweri Museveni said that after losing the NRM race, he didn’t go into merry making but rather sat with his family and close associates and decided that he returns to challenge his opponent considering that “I lost in unfairly.”

“In regard to primaries, I was not happy with the way things went through. It doesn’t make me leave my party. But I would like to show a few things that can be done right.

This is a general election and I am sure the system will be much more organized than we had in our primaries,” Ogandi said.

Ogandi faces off with Fox Odoi whose history of violence is well documented. For example, in the previous election he was filmed on various occasions brandishing a gun amid thousands of supporters he addressed.

How he intends to tame Odoi, Ogandi said: “I am careful and as an engineer I know how to be strategic. The race is on now. He might be a flag bearer, but that is not a parliamentary seat. He is in for a big run. I can congratulate him for winning the flag but that is how far he can only go. He will keep it in his house because he won’t enter Parliament.”

Asked what is his agenda for his constituents, he said his role is to act not to argue.

Denis Ogandi who become second in the race has contested the results.

“When you get into a campaign process often you come and say you want to change the lives of people but it is until you hold the mantle, until you go and stand and get connected with the people on ground, that is when you realize your need to come and work for them.

That is what I am here to to do, development for my people. A new life, new energy of a young person and I know I will represent them very well in Parliament,” he said.

He articulated that his profession requires him to deliver.

“I am a Ugandan, a Japadhola, 40 years old. I am full of energy and an Engineer and I feel that I can change.

You know parliament is full of lawyers. Lawyers argue a lot and they but engineers want results. We are builders we make results. I am not only ready to change my county, but a district and the country as a whole.”

Ogandi intends to focus on the youth and women. To empower, skill and equip them.

“I have several strategies but our energy will start with young people who require guidance, direction and projects. Legislation is sending the voice of the people to the ground in Parliament and defending their interests.  I will be a creative member of parliament. I am interested in creating things not saying things,” he explained.





Source – Trumpet News

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