Besigye: I have already Activated p10 Militia as Plan B

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Col. Kizza Besigye has finalized plans to revive Power 10 (p10), a radicalized group which intends to “force Mr Tibuhaburwa” out of leadership as Plan B.

The four- time presidential hopeful made the revelation while addressing the people of Fort Portal on Monday night in what he termed as the re-launch of Plan B, a strategy which Besigye says will engage a “high gear” in ending President Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s 34 years of military rule.

The FDC founder rejected to challenge his opponent on the ballot box for the 5th time but instead said he would swing his plan B behind the party presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat Oboi who will face off with the NRM Chairman in 2021 Presidential Elections.

He told the people of Fort Portal that he chose to not to contest in the coming election after realizing that Ugandans have no “power” to vote leaders of their choice and also lack “power” to control mineral wealth.

“That is why in 2016 you voted for me. I won the election. But Mr Museveni stole my victory and continued to impose himself on you Ugandans,” the horse voiced former NRA fighter said.

And therefore, a “junta” shouldn’t be massaged out of power. “You need to force it out of power,” he added.

Against that backdrop, Dr Besigye told his supporters in Fort Portal that he was activating a militia- Power 10 to take on the junta.

In 2016, FDC formed the Power 10, a fearless group whose role was to protect Besigye’s votes on all polling stations across the country.

In the recent past, Kizza Besigye said the people working covertly to push Plan B shouldn’t be mentioned but will be crowned heroes at an opportune time when they successfully dislodge the junta.


Source – Trumpet News

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