“Cheating is a crime”—Museveni gives tips on holding free and fair elections

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The ruling party chairman, President Yoweri Museveni has discussed about the recent violence and cheating that marred the NRM primaries.

In his statement, Museveni says NRM has always advocated for free and fair elections. He explains that the decision by the NRM CEC to go back to lining behind candidates was introduced to trap elections cheaters.

He however admits that the mode has loopholes that include; intimidating voters, attacking voters with pangas, misusing security agencies to attack voters, using the underage to vote, importing voters, and altering results among others.

Museveni says transparent auditing will help solve some issues as he will be directly involved.

“I am also auditing the auditors, just in case they are also compromised. All those who committed these crimes, will be held accountable,” he says.

On forthcoming general elections, Museveni explains that the Justice Simon Byabakama Electoral Commission has been equipped with necessary materials and technology to hold free and fair elections.

“On the national level, the answer is in electronically-read finger prints which Justice Byabakama will ensure. God gave each one of us a unique stamp, the fingerprint. All human beings have got unique fingerprints. Together with all the other electoral reforms we did in 1994, the electronically read fingerprints, if it is correctly, implemented by the EC, will end cheating in the elections in Uganda forever,” he says.

Source – Matooke Republic

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