Emma Carlos and Innocent Nahabwe weigh in on paying for Ugandan music

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There is currently a big debate on going whether is it the right time to pay for Ugandan music.

According to Galaxy FM and 911 CEO Innocent Nahabwe believes that the industry is still too young to sell music and the market is not yet ready to buy music at the moment.

He adds that free music is what has enabled thousands of artists to breakthrough.

He reasons that basing on the fact that he is in the media business, Nahabwe explains that if music was for sale, no one or very few would have bought upcoming artist’s music.

“The availability of free music is what has enabled thousands of artists to to breakthrough. No one or very few would have bought upcoming artists music”.

However, talent manager Emmanuel ‘Carlos’ Mulondo is optimistic about the idea of selling music at the moment.

He purports that in this day and age, it isn’t wise at all to give out music or any content for free of charge.

“I won’t support the notion of giving out music or any other content for free. Let’s assume from 2000 – 2020 was when we were giving out free music to attract consumers, now it is time our content be appreciated and consumed and it is time to commercialize, period!Nonetheless, they both agreed on the idea of commercializing the industry calling upon stakeholders to work hand-in-hand with artists in commercializing digital platforms so as to conclude that it is time to commercialize.

Source – BigEye.UG

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