Wife to Presidential aspirant Joseph Kabuleta, Rebecca Kabuleta drops 4 track EP “Sounds of Heaven”

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‘Sounds of Heaven’, a debut four-track Extended Play (EP) by songstress Rebecca Ssuubi Kabuleta, brings a distinctive freshness to the gospel music arena.

The delicate balance between breath-taking vocals, orchestral instrumentation and a contemporary vibe awakens the inner kid in you and propels your imaginative faculties into a world of fantasy.

‘I Hear Angels’—one of the songs—launches you towards a mysterious wilderness filled with hushed angelic voices that gradually intensify. For more than half a minute there, your anticipation builds as you wonder what’s coming up next.

Suddenly, a heavy pounding of drums is quickly followed by a moment of quiet. But that only plunges you further into a daze of suspense. Thankfully, Rebecca comes to your rescue. She musically describes the scene and helps you appreciate the place you’ve been led to.

The fourth minute presents an opportunity to flaunt her vocal prowess and she completely nails it. With beautiful rhythmic bends, Rebecca paints you a colorful picture of the rainbow that surrounds the LORD and fills His Temple!

This piece climaxes in an explosion of deeply soulful, angelic descants that are sure to blow you away. That’s only a tip of the iceberg, though.

‘Fairest LORD Jesus’ introduces with a grand piano accompanied by a few faint and scattered classical guitar notes in the background. If you’re a guitarist, you’ll probably want to hear some more.

The song soon escalates and as you approach the close of the second minute, Rebecca returns with a solo. Her fluted diction is so crisp; you could almost hear her throat muscles move.

She then skillfully sneaks—it’s possible to think she was caught unawares—into “Glory and Honor” with a slightly husky but smooth voice, and then a subtle yet powerful vibrato at “Praise, Adoration”.

The opening scenes of ‘I will bless the LORD’ might get you mistaking it for a soundtrack to a Disney movie! Understandably so, because the intro assembles virtually all the elements of an orchestra: low brass, cinematic drums, strings, indistinct angelic voices and whatnot.

In the second minute of the song, you are ushered into what seems like a cathedral set somewhere in Rome. The sounds emerging from this place are nothing short of wondrous. You are listening to an all-female choir, and they’re so unforgiving when smashing those high soprano notes!

The orchestral interlude is such a twist. It drags you out of the cathedral, catapults you into space and makes you feel like you’re flying over vast and lush grasslands.

There’s a surprise to look out for in the concluding fifth minute. Charming bonus!

In ‘Sweet Jesus’, expect some more Rebecca, warm saxophone lines by Joseph Sax, marching snare drums and, of course, angelic undertones from the unbelievably talented choir that brought a wealth of musical pedigree to this production.

Sounds of Heaven makes for much more than tranquilous relaxation. It should eventually lead up to a tangible experience of the Heavenly realm for you.

The production of this EP is straight out of the creative mind of JoshSB.

Sounds of Heaven can be found on all major music distribution platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotifyand; SoundCloud:, ReverbNation:

Source – BigEye.UG

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