Kusasira spills Balaam’s Sordid secrets: He told Museveni that Bebe Cool wastes Money buying Zuena Dolls

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Promoter Balaam Barugahara is no longer seeing eye to eye with singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool according, to Catherine Kusasira the Presidential advisor for Kampala affairs.

Kusasira alleged that Balaam betrayed his comrade Bebe Cool after revealing to President Tibuhaburwa Museveni that the musician is extravagant and wastes a lot of money on his wife by procuring ‘useless’ attire and dolls for her.

A furious Kusasira spilled the beans while describing Balaam as stone hearted, selfish wealthy man who buys favour from the President by destroying other people.

Appearing on NBS TV’s Uncut show on Thursday, Kusasira said Balaam hates to see other people progressing.

“Balaam is a wealthy man with a bad heart. He doesn’t want to see anyone prosper, he doesn’t want to see anyone near President Museveni. What really puzzles me is that a rich man like him is so jealous of others,” she explained.

Adding that, :“Balaam has fought and betrayed many people  like Bebe Cool. Bebe Cool is among the people who don’t wish any good for Balaam because of the way he treated him.One time he told President Museveni that Bebe Cool spends all the money he gets from him to clothes and dolls for his wife Zuena.”

She said the events promoter exploits Tibuhaburwa: “Balaam has done a lot to fail Uganda’s music industry. He uses the likes of Ashburg Katto and Bajjo as his projects to get money from Museveni yet he leaves those he uses suffering. One time he lent me Shs90m to organise my concert and I had to pay him back Shs123m. When I returned the money he told me one thing,that if I had failed to pay him back, my car was not surviving.”

She also revealed that Balaam fought them (Kusasira and Bebe Cool)  at State House until they were blocked from meeting the President.

“As a person I hate Balaam with all my heart but I just left him to God to deal with him.He fought us until they blocked us from meeting the President but I thank God that he was also blocked from accessing State House. God paid him. I would like to advise Balaam that as a rich man, he should change his ways, He should start wishing well for others then everything will be good for him.”




Source – Trumpet News

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