Gen. Tumukunde: I have Support of the Army

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Presidential aspirant Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has said that after winning the election in 2021, the army will shift allegiance to him.

Tumukunde further articulated that a section of the police officers has pledged to vote for him in the next election.

“Who tells you I don’t know have support in police? Well some have promised to vote me,” the former Minister of Security said on Wednesday morning while appearing on NBS weekly talkshow.

He told the moderator that, UPDF is a neutral force whose role is to protect the people of Uganda and also guard the country’s borders and submits to every leader who is elected by the will of Ugandans.

“When I win the army will support me. And I will win this election,” he confidently said.

Tumukunde was downplaying a narrative that the UPDF is loyal to only President Yoweri Museveni and wouldn’t salute any other person as Commander in Chief (CiC) in case Museveni loses election.

Tumukunde, who at one point was court-martialed for making derogatory remarks which violates the code of conduct of the army, disputed the fact that he is not considered among the top opposition figures in the land.

The moderator said, the former NRA combatant was missing in the race.

He responded saying he is ground and as long as he is available to the electorate, the other people don’t matter to him because they don’t vote.

Tumukunde said he was disgusted with corporate (elite) class of Ugandans who simply peddle sentiments but never take an effort to vote in an election to make the change they want.

Source – Trumpet News

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