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The Rotary Club of Bukoto led by Club President Mercy Kainobwisho and DGN Mike Kennedy Sebalu have started up an initiative that will see a new Rotary Club, the Kampala Morning Stars Rotary Club launched. The club which is in the offing will also help the members, mostly youthful corporates enhance their skills, broaden their networks and increase their positive impact in their communities.

Rotary provides its members opportunities to develop professionally, gain world understanding, and make life-long friendships-all while volunteering to improve lives and bring lasting, positive changes to communities. Sebalu told the members. The Kampala Morning Stars Rotary Club is presently under the tutelage of Hon. Sebalu  and Mercy Kainobwisho who will mentor the upcoming club for the next several months to help them transition into a fully-fledged club which will then operate independently.

“Rotary Club of Bukoto will provide support, or as much support you need to get started.,” Sebalu said at the club’s meet & greet on Sunday in Muyenga. “There will be many visioning sessions to set you up before you proceed in terms of service. This is a really good opportunity to help young people like yourselves make their contribution to society through Rotary” He added

Sebalu advised the club to aim at being accessible to people as possible in terms of time commitment, costs and what will be expected of them as rotarians. Besides offering professional development and community service, Sebalu said a group such as this is important to help people’s wellness.

Kampala Morning Stars members cut cake to celebrate their getting together.

Founded in 1905 in Chicago, Rotary is a global network of people committed to improving lives and bringing positive, lasting change. Each year, members contribute millions of dollars and volunteer hours to promote health, peace and prosperity in communities across the globe. Through volunteering, they make lifelong friendships that transcend political, cultural and generational boundaries and foster global understanding  and respect

The ongoing relationship will begin at grassroots level with the club members learning and working together. The new club will also set up structured leadership and communication teams to drive their strategic direction and phased rollout into autonomy by December 2020.

“Collaborating with the Rotary Club of Bukoto will provide our members with even more opportunities to develop and improve their leadership, communication skills and impact in changing communities” said Samuel Ngambwaki, the President-elect of the new club. Members of Kampala Morning Stars now have the opportunity to connect with more people, take advantage of society changing and learning opportunities, and make a difference in their communities through Rotary.

Source – Trumpet News

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