Joe Biden Elected President of United States; Trump Says He Will Not Concede

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Joe Biden has won the vote to become the next president, pending any legal challenges.

Biden was Saturday pronounced president after he was projected by BBC the  winner of the state of Pennsylvania which gave him 20 electoral college votes, bringing his total to 273 and surpassing the 270 needed to win the election.

Under the US system, voters in each state pick electors, who then gather a few weeks after the election to decide the winner.

Each elector equals one electoral vote, and the number of electoral votes per state is roughly in line with its population – so bigger states like Texas (38) and California (55) have more, while smaller states like Delaware (3) and Idaho (4) have fewer. In total there are 538 electoral votes, and a candidate needs 270 to win.

Pennsylvania was enough to get Biden over that halfway line. With leads in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada, he may well end up winning far more than needed – taking those three states would give him a total of 306.

Meanwhile, the the Trump campaign released a statement Friday morning making clear it will refuse to concede the election, calling any projections of Biden as the winner “false” and the race “far from final.”

“This election is not over,” Trump campaign general counsel Matt Morgan said in a statement.

Still, some of the President’s allies have grown concerned that someone will eventually have to reckon with him that his time in office is likely coming to an end. It is a possibility the President did not consider in a serious way during the election, despite polls showing him with only a narrow path to victory, believing that looking past Election Day was bad luck.

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