I have dreamt of becoming President of Uganda since Primary two and that’s why I have no hopes of losing this election-Presidential Candidate John Katumba

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Duly nominated 2021 Presidential Candidate, John Katumba has trashed allegations that he was sent by someone to interrupt votes.

Shortly after Katumba’s nomination rumors circulated around implying that the 24-year-old is being funded by one of the big candidates to interrupt opponent votes.

However today while appearing on a local television Katumba refuted the rumors and said that his dream of becoming a Ugandan president didn’t come today.

Katumba said, he got a thought of becoming the Ugandan President at a tender age.

“I thought of becoming the president of Uganda when I was in Primary two,” John Katumba said.

Katumba also laughed at those who think that Ugandans are not going to trust him with their votes. He added that his the only candidate Ugandans want to see in State House.

According to Katumba, Ugandans are on his back and he is winning the next elections.

“I have no hopes of losing this election because I am sent by Ugandans in this race and I have their backup,” John Katumba added.

Source – Matooke Republic

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