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Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) founder Col. Kizza Besigye has revealed that he is deeply frustrated which explains why he is laid back even at a time when the political arena has gained momentum in the country.

Besigye, a four- time Presidential candidate said Monday that his frustration stems from the failure by the population to familiarize itself with his ideology of rising up to “fight Mr Museveni.”

“If all people in Kampala woke up and said they no longer want to sell food. In one week, this junta would be no more,” Besigye said.

However, he is disappointed that his message has totally been rejected by the people of Uganda.

“I don’t know whether our people don’t understand or we don’t explain better .”

Kizza Besigye, a man who has for long staged a resistance against his former Commander in Chief- President Museveni hang boots this year after announcing that he wouldn’t participate in the Presidential election, explaining that no election can remove Museveni from power.

He however, reasons an election can facilitate a transition if opposition leaders organize the population for one common cause.

“But how will they organize Ugandans when they are all competing against each other?” he asked.

Besigye said he will campaign for any opposition candidate who resonates with his ideology of “fighting the junta.”

The FDC heavyweight who broke ranks with the regime in 1999, maintains that unless stopped, President Museveni will stop at nothing until his dream to become President of the entire East African region is realized.

“He no longer cares about this huge mess he has created for us in Uganda. And you hear him saying the reason he hasn’t gone home is because he wants to unite East Africa. He is actually planning to unite it by force,” Besigye said.

Source – Trumpet News

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