Covid19: Govt Eases Restrictions on Political Rallies, Churches; Bars Remain Closed

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Government through the Ministry of Health has announced another phase of lifting restrictions in respect to controlling the spread of Covid19.

In the latest reliefs announced Monday by Health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng, Ugandans involved in businesses such as gaming, gyms and parlours can now go back to work.

The minister, citing recent improvement in adherence to the set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) announced among others that all public gatherings will be allowed up to 200people.

These include among others places of worship, which had been restricted to 70 people.

More so, politicians who have embarked on campaign rallies ahead of next year’s elections, will be allowed a crowd of up to 200.

At such rallies, the minister says, organisers must ensure that everybody is wearing a mask and must keep a distance of 2meters from each other.
The venues must also have hand washing facilities.

The minister went ahead to advise political candidates to refrain from attracting crowds.

“Candidates are advised to avoid the use of open car roofs and waving to the population,” she said.

“Such acts attract mass gatherings which may be in excess of 200 people.”

“Candidates are advised to remain seated in their vehicles at all times…and only wave through the car windows.”

As for the businesses that have been reopened including gaming outlets, gyms and massage parlors, the minister said these will officially be reopened on Saturday November 14th and will not be allowed to operate beyond 6pm.

On the other hand, government has not considered reopening bars and discotheques.

“In counties that have proceeded to the second lockdown phase, bars have been identified as focal ares of spread,” the Minister clarified.

“Considering the phase of the epidemic with rising cases in urban areas, suspension of bars will continue.”

Aceng advised owners of such places to consider other businesses like restaurants attached to the premises which are safe.

Source – ChimpReports

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