Besigye: Opposition leaders Campaigning to Remove Museveni should have Learnt from my Experience but they Ignored

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Kizza Besigye, Uganda’s all time opposition leader has scoffed at his counterparts who think they can remove Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni from power through the ballot box.

Besigye reasons that only fighting gun end Museveni’s 34 military rule, apart from that those contesting against him will achieve nothing apart being frustrated like the FDC founder is currently.

Besigye’s veiled statement is interpreted by Ugandans as directed to particularly Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, a youthful opposition kingpin who sometime back told off Besigye as being undemocratic as he sought to demonize all those seeking change with his sentiments of elections can cause change in Uganda yet he participated in them four times.

Kyagulanyi last year appearing at Africana Hotel in Kampala said one wold be selfish to try to say elections can cause change. He said he believes they do.

However, Kizza Besigye maintains that he thinks polls can be used to reach out to Ugandans and to conduct more mobilization to reawaken the masses.

Speaking about his prediction for 2021 election which he has not participated in, Kizza Besigye on Thursday evening said the coming polls will simply create “mood” and nothing else.

It is this mood that Kizza Besigye will utilize with his plan B and cause a tsunami which he has long promised Ugandans.

He said he was frustrated by those those leaders who have deliberately failed to pick scripts from his political experience.

Besigye is among those who think that even after winning an election, it is very hard to be declared winner by Uganda’s Electoral Commission.

“And you win an election, be declared and the cabal hands power to you? That is what I don’t believe will happen,” he said.

“So if we don’t have the same understanding of what our mission is, for example, we could have all united and remained united in stopping Museveni from appearing on the ballot paper.”

He added that , “That something that could unite us because we were not competing over that. But for an office, people are competing, and you can’t get competitors for an office and tell them to unite. On what basis do they unite? Even when you say unite behind the most popular, how do you know the most popular? Who of the 10 people have had their popularity at Presidential level tested in the country, so that you know who is most popular?”

Source – Trumpet News

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