Bobi Wine: Museveni made his wife Karamoja Minister to take away your minerals, many people who say this end up dying but I will say it because I don’t fear

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As the National Unity Platform Presidential flag bearer Robert Kyagulanyi campaigns in Karamoja region while addressing the people of Kabong district, Bobi Wine has questioned the people of the region on why they are poor yet Karamoja is the richest region in Uganda.

He then responded to his question and said it’s because someone wants to make the people slaves so he decided to keep them poor.

“Right now the land the land in which you’re standing has the most minerals in Uganda. They have closed your eyes to make sure you don’t see that’s why Museveni made his wife the Minister to take away your minerals. Many people who say this end up dying but I will say this because I don’t fear,” said Bobi

Bobi also asked the people of Karamoja how long they tend to be slaves and also questioned why the Minister of Karamoja isn’t from Karamoja.

“Are you telling me that the person that doesn’t come from Karamoja can know the problems of Karamoja more than a person from Karamoja,” asked Bobi Wine,” Said Bobi Wine .

Bobi also told the Karamojongs that they have an opportunity of a lifetime to change everything with their votes.

“I know it pains that they disarmed you but again Turkana come and take your cows, I know that the government promised to pay your cows but they have never paid. I know that your children are so intelligent but they don’t get the education they deserve. It is time for all that to change. I encourage you all to come out and vote on the January 14,” said Bobi

Source – Matooke Republic

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