BOBI WINE: The new Uganda will be like Jamaica

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As the National Unity Platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi continues to re-echo the new Uganda gospel across different parts of the country, Kyagulanyi has told the nationals in Butalejja district that the new Uganda will be like Jamaica.

“We want a new Uganda. In the new Uganda every Ugandan must be happy. There shall be love between police and the ordinary man. The youth shall have good jobs, we want Uganda to be like Jamaica,” said Bobi Wine

Bobi also said that he is running for presidency so that he can be the voice of the ordinary man and he also wants the country to have a president who is a servant while  Ugandans are the bosses.

He also told the people of Butalejja to continue being good citizens because that is what they are striving for in the new Uganda and not to give up on the struggle.

“Whatever they do don’t quit, Uganda is our country. The whole world is looking at us. Police is trained to keep law and order and teargas doesn’t kill. Be good Ugandans because that’s the Uganda that we want,” said Bobi.

He also told the people not to fear Police because it’s on their side.

“Don’t fear the police is on our side. The police is also hurting just that they are quiet. In Gulu or Karamoja or Mbale all the police commanders come from the same village from the same family,” said Bobi

Source – Matooke Republic

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