If there’s anything the opposition should credit Museveni for it’s the good roads across the country-Don Wanyama responds to Bobi Wine

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Early this week, the National Unity Platform presidential candidate Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine acknowledged his opponent’s achievements but rather maintained that Museveni only invests where he can loot from.

“Not that Museveni has been sleeping but he is only investing where he can loot from .If you look keenly you will find that the roads that have been made are the roads that drive to areas that have natural resources. The roads to Bundibugyo are going to pick cocoa from Bundibugyo. The roads to Karamoja are going to Karamoja to pick minerals,” said Bobi.

Bobi also called President Museveni petty for refusing his team to use tarmac roads.

The senior press secretary to the President, Don Wanyama has responded to Bobi.

“This is ignorance of worrying proportions. If there’s anything the opposition should credit Museveni for,  it’s the good roads across the country. Please just zoom around during this brief excursion in the countryside but stop this cheap spinning,” said Wanyama.

Source – Matooke Republic

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