Katumba overwhelmed by support he’s receiving on his campaign trails

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With many chanting to the Katumba Oyee catchphrase, the youngest presidential candidate John Katumba is overwhelmed by the support he’s receiving on his campaign trails.

 Katumba who also refuted claims that he’s a political project funded by the government, added that wherever he goes people give him money because they are willing to do anything to take the country from one level to another.

“If I was funded why did I have to walk? If I was funded why do I solicit money from people? Do you think I prefer to be a beggar? This is a communal thing where we are working together as Ugandans. Keep on talking. Everyone is giving me what he or she has so that we can make a change,” said Katumba

Katumba said that Ugandans are eager to vote for a leader like him and vowed to liberate the country

“Ugandans are eager to vote for me. They are eager to get someone like Katumba. I believe in the logic of one plus one makes a bundle.I am going to liberate you psychologically, economically, socially and politically,” said Katumba

Katumba also said that he is working towards forming a movement where the youth believe in themselves.

Source – Matooke Republic

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