What Happened? Dan Magic wasn’t Shot. He fell off Bobi Wine’s car in Attempt to Knock cops

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On Tuesday afternoon, presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi announced he was halting political campaigns over “police brutality.”

He said he would first have a private meeting with Electoral Commission the following day (Today) demanding answers why the election regulator has looked on as security bodies clamp on his rallies.

Kyagulanyi better known as Bobi Wine, was prompted to suspend the campaigns after his close associate- a music producer Dan Magic was terribly injured in the scuffle in Kayunga.

Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie Kyagulanyi took to social media to condemn Police’s actions after “shooting” Magic’s mouth.

Barbie, said Magic had lost teeth and his upper lip ripped into two.

A video ensued showing Bobi Wine’s breaking down in Hospital over Magic’s worrying condition.

What exactly happened?

In a new video obtained by this website, Bobi Wine’s car a Toyota Land Cruiser registration number UAY 432Z was blocked by a military lorry in Kayuga.

Police officers ordered Bobi Wine’s driver identified as Mark top stop the car.

But instead, Mr Mark disobey police orders and maneuvered to dodge the military truck which had blocked the road.

Two Police officers who were in front of the car tried to stop Mark but he adamantly drove off at a terrific speed and in a rush, he almost rammed into police officer who leaped to save lives.

A screen shot taken from the video in which police officers almost got knocked

Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake was seated in the co-drivers seat.

Magic Falls

Usually, Bobi Wine’s inner security team, his cameraman and a few of his close associates have made it a habit to cling on this Land Cruiser as it moves in a procession.

Dan Magic-the producer happened to be among those who were standing on this car. But because the driver engaged a high gear while maneuvering, Magic fell off.

In the video he is seen falling off and later surrendering to security operatives who fired teargas and shot the car tyres to stop it.

While falling off, Magic hit his face on the ground and injured his mouth.

A still picture extracted from the video showing Dan Magic surrendering after falling

This new video therefore, clears air on an earlier narrative peddled by Bobi Wine and his supporters about Dan Magic’s plight.

Further, police has come out and said that some of the civilians who associate with Mr Kyagulanyi possess explosives like teargas.

Police said it is hunting for Bobi Wine’s bodyguard Norbert Ariho who allegedly dropped an explosive in Kayunga yesterday.

Source – Trumpet News

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