Who was Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte

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Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte who was admitted at IHK has today passed on, he was a Muslim leader heading Imams in Uganda, head of Dawa in Uganda, Arabic teacher, Islamic religion teacher, marriage teacher and councillor.

He was born in the 1950s, to the late Adam Muzaata in Bwaise, Lufula Zone close to Kimombasa area. His father was also a sheikh as well as an Islamic religious healer. It is said that he  used the Holy Koran to treat the sick (edduwa), which other Muslims criticise, saying it’s evil.

 With the help of his father,Muzaata began studying the moment he started speaking. He was taught the Islamic religion and the Holy Koran. He was enrolled at Bilal Islamic School in Bwaise when he clocked seven years.  

In Bilal Islamic School, Muzaata studied for only a short time, and his father transferred him to Bilal Quran Islamic School, former Binyira, in Wandegeya.

Former students at Bilal now Sheikhs, says Muzaata was feared by fellow students at school, to the extent that even teachers were careful about him, because of his body structure, language adding that he was a cruel man as well.

Most of these Sheikhs who preferred anonymity, attended Bilal Quran Islamic School in Wandegeya, together with Muzaata from 1979, and at University in Madina.

Muzaata’s father died in 1990 and was buried in Kazo, a Kampala suburb next to Bwaise. It’s said, the late Kamadi Muzaata, Sheikh Muzaata’s  grandfather originated from Tanzania. He migrated to Uganda in the early 1800 and settled in Buganda region, during Ssekabaka Suna II, who was the Kabaka of Buganda between 1830 until 1856.

Source – Matooke Republic

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