Bebe Cool: I received a prophecy from God that I have the key for Museveni’s 2021 victory

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The NRM silent Majority fanatic Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool is at it again as he has claimed to have received a prophecy from God ahead of this election!

While appearing on a local TV today morning, Bebe Cool revealed that yesterday evening he received a phone call from a little known pastor who made several revelations to him.

“My Son, you are the one with a key for President Museveni’s victory in this coming general election. I was so curious and i asked him why?

He told me you are Bebe Cool and that means you are cool. Someone behind you is called Kusasira meaning mercy and behind her, there is a Godly Eye and that’s Big Eye. So get to know your value in this election,” narrated Bebe Cool.

He said that he’s aware such revelations are going to cause mixed reactions on social media but he’s not scared

“Those who attack me on social media, they don’t know who Bebe Cool is,” he said before claiming how he has received numerous calls and invites from the opposition trying to sweet talk him to join them.

 “I have always turned down their requests,” he said.

Bebe Cool also defended his task of distributing NRM T-shirts saying Ugandans are too blind to see the reason.

“Yes, I distribute T-shirts because I don’t need an office to work for Ugandans. My knowledge and advice to Ugandans can’t be limited to a constituency or a county. And you should not underestimate the power of these t- shirts because after the elections, they will be the only T-shirts on market,” he said.

Source – Matooke Republic

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