Africa fears capitalists and is never confronting issues – Charles Lambert

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Black Wall Street Economic War boss Charles N. Lambert has said the fear of the Capitalists has had everyone dancing around the issues and never confronting them.

The government of Uganda is different from the government of Nigeria and different from the government of Ghana, Kenya, South Africa etc but the Economic difficulties across all African countries are all the SAME.

Regardless of this blazing reality, all the movements they begin in Africa targets fellow Africans But never the Capitalists who continue to keep us in poverty.

Too much fear, too much respect, too much adoration and almost worship of the same Capitalists who take our resources every year.

Africa has never fought Economic War. Africa has never fought for Economic Independence. Africa has never fought to control what we consume.

This is the First time any group of people have ever tried to fight the Real War. Thousands upon thousands of Africans from countless countries are finally saying…. Confront the Capitalists or Die Trying” Africa First.

Charles N. Lambert, the Black Wall Street Leader is leading Africa’s first Economic War and many Africans have joined in forces.placeholder://

Source – BigEye.UG

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