Bebe Cool: Bobi Wine is Deliberately tarnishing Uganda’s image. I will Crush him

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Moses Ssali, Uganda’s leading musician inclined to the ruling party has revealed his intention of “crushing” the opposition candidate Robert Kyagulanyi  because of his deliberate attempts to misguide the youth.

Ssali alias Bebe Cool said Thursday that because Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine can’t survive his wrath since the former has already strategized on how to finish the latter’s political star.

Bebe Cool who many perceive as reviving his longtime beef with his nemesis maintained that Bobi Wine’s intentions for this country are evil. 

That is why he is luring innocent children into political processions in times of COVID which endangers their health.
Bebe Cool says Bobi Wine also tarnishes Uganda’s imagine intentionally by provoking security forces who can only respond with a gun. 

Bebe Cool said after January 14, 2021 that when Ugandans will judge whether Bobi Wine crowds are his genuine supporters are they follow him because he is a musician.

He explained that because of their fame as musicians they are abound to attract fans whenever they appear in public. 

Source – Trumpet News

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