Museveni cancels Kisoro Campaign, to Lecture Kenyan soldiers in Rwakitura

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The NRM Presidential candidate Yoweri Museveni will not meet Kisoro NRM leaders today as scheduled in his campaigning program.

Museveni will instead meet Kisoro leaders on Saturday in Kabale where he will resume the campaign trail following a two day off.

The decision to meet Kisoro NRM diehards has left them furious wondering why they would be sidelined yet they have a lot more on table they wanted to discuss with their President including reminding him about the pledges; constructing Kale ICT institute, revamping Nyakabande airstrip, tarmacking tourism roads and among others.

The President is combing Western Uganda region in his quest to seek a reelection for 6th term as President of Uganda, making him the long-serving leader since independence.

In his two-day vacation, Museveni an experienced combatant and a former lecturer of Political Science in Tanzania will meet and address army students from National Defence College in Kenya at his upcountry residence in Rwakitura.

On Friday, he will lead the National thanksgiving prayers and thereafter return to the campaign trenches on Saturday in Kabale.

Don Wanyama who speaks for the Presidency confirmed this development and he tweeted: “President Museveni won’t be campaigning today. He is slated to lecture students from the National Defence College, Kenya at his Rwakitura country home.

Tomorrow, he will preside over National Thanksgiving Prayers. He will return to the trail on Saturday in Kabale.”

Source – Trumpet News

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