BOBI WINE: We are the future, Museveni belongs to the past

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As the National Unity Platform continues to preach the gospel of the new Uganda to his supporters across different parts of the country, Kyagulanyi Robert Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine while addressing the people of Agago district said that he represents the people of Uganda that have been excluded for 35 years

He added that Agago is gifted by nature yet the people are poor because the leaders want them to be poor.

“We are poor because Museveni made Uganda a property of himself and family.That is why acholi land is grabbed everyday with impunity. All this mess that is happening is not a mistake. The cattle rustling is not a mistake, the bad roads is not a mistake. That is intended to keep you down so that they can govern you,”said Bobi.

Bobi promised the people a bright future and pledged to be a servant of the people once he’s voted into power.

“I come here not to talk about the past because Museveni belongs to the past. We belong to the future,”said Bobi

He added that in the future all Ugandans will be equal under the law and will also have equal opportunity regardless of their tribe or religion.

Source – Matooke Republic

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