Gen. Museveni: I can’t Leave Uganda in Hands of Useless People

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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is worried Uganda couldn’t degenerate into anarchy should he allow to leave power before finding the right successor.

The NRM candidate campaigning in Rukungiri on Monday wondered why the opposition keep pushing him away as if he is not a Ugandan.

Speaking in vernacular (Runyankore) Mr Museveni said among all those contesting against him for President, no one has the capabilities of replacing him.

He said the opposition in Uganda are to radical and speak a war language.

He said, indulging in such politics of tribe and anarchy is useless and therefore that is why he is keeping around until he finds the right person to take over leadership. 

“I am also not going anywhere. I will not leave Uganda in the hands of useless people,” he said.

“I am still looking for the genuine person who will manage this leadership.”

In the same vein, Museveni used the occasion to lambast two army generals; Henry Tumukunde and Mugisha Muntu, the natives of Rukingiri who are campaigning for President.

These former NRA soldiers fought alongside Museveni in the bush war, participated in his government and later fell out with him.

The opposition in Uganda have been criticized by political pundits for engaging in politics of intolerance, focuszing on personal attacks against Museveni and failing to explain to the electorate what they will do for Uganda in case they are elected.

Analysts contend that oppositon’s failure  to discuss ideas leaves Museveni in a well placed position as the best choice. 

Museveni is facing off with 10 opponents who include; powerful opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi, Norbert Mao, John Katumba, Henry Tumukunde, Nancy Kalembe, Mugisha Muntu, Patrick Oboi Amuriat, among others.

Museveni has ruled Uganda for 34 years, of which he has been democratically elected four times. 

Source – Trumpet News

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