Museveni Tells Kasese: “Send Leaders Who Will Support More Money for Vulnerable Groups”

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President Yoweri Museveni who is also the NRM Presidential flag bearer has today been to Kasese district in his scientific campaign trail where he urged leaders of the district to ensure that the electorate send to Parliament MPs Who will support him to allocate properly resources that will help vulnerable groups to eradicate poverty.

“NRM has created enough capacity to solve our problems, it has done it with clever policies, the only problem is allocation of funds. Send to parliament people who can help me allocate resources properly. Don’t send people who come to fight NRM. Why do you fight someone who has cooked the food,” he asked.

The President made the observation at Nyakasanja ground in Kasese Municipality, Kasese district while addressing a scientific campaign meeting for leaders who included among others NRM flag bearers and delegates from Kasese and their Prime Minister Hon. Kule, the regional NRM Vice Chairman Western Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, the deputy Secretary General of NRM Hon Richard Todwong as well as Ministers. Candidate Museveni observed that the people of Kasese had in the past made mistakes by sending to parliament MPs who only fight NRM and don’t mind the needs of the people they represent.

Mrs Sadress Kayiri Kalengyo dances away at the campaign rally

Citing the allocation of funds for the youth livelihood program, President Museveni pointed out that in the past 4 years only shs. 2.9 billion was sent to Kasese and only over 4,000 youth benefitted.

“This is good but not enough. The population of Kasese is almost 800,000 thousand that is why I want to see more youth benefitting, they should be 100,000 youth benefitting not only 4,000,” he noted.

President Museveni also pointed out corruption as another evil that hinders the progress of the youth and all the vulnerable groups.

“When we send money it should reach the beneficiaries, if we do this we shall move,” he stressed.

Museveni supporters in Kasese

Candidate Museveni also urged leaders to take interest in knowing the number of people in their parishes who are still stuck in subsistence farming and help them emulate those in the money economy for both financial and food security.

He was however glad to hear that many people in Kasese have heeded his advise of shifting to commercial farming and pledged to convene a conference for leaders of the district to determine the type of enterprises that are best suitable and profitable for the people of Kasese district.

“NRM has answers for all these issues and I appeal to you to look for answers for all wanainchi with small or big land holdings,” he counseled.

Earlier the LC 1 Chairperson Salute B cell-Nyamamba division in Kasese Municipality Ms. Janet Mbambu praised President Museveni and the NRM government for the peace in the country and Kasese in particular. She vowed to ensure that the people of her cell especially the women give NRM their votes.

In the memorandum read by the representative of the LKCV the people of Kasese district recognized the special love the President has for the people of Kasese.

Kasese residents donated a truckload of cattle to President Museveni

They hailed the government for the peace and stability in the district as well as the 5 mini dams constructed, OWC program and said the support to the Congo road network will help the people of the area in terms of trade.

They also thanked the President for the fencing off of the National Park to protect both the animals and the neighbouring communities saying this has helped promote tourism. They also thanked government for the market at Mpondwe for the great lakes trade that will benefit the people of the area.

The people of Kasese district pledge look for votes for NRM and deliver victory. They gifted President Museveni with 12 heifers for his hard work to ensure that Ugandans live peacefully and are empowered to fight poverty.

Source – ChimpReports

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