Mowzey Radio’s ghost reportedly tortures family members, demands they remove rosary he was buried with

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Late singer Moses Sekibongo Nakintijje popularly known as Mowzey Radio’s ghost is reportedly not happy with the Rosary he was burred with.

According to a family member while they were praying for the deceased’s body before lying him to rest in Kagga, one of the family members placed a powerful Rosary from Bukalango around Moses Sekibongo ‘Katonda Tambulanange’ singer’s neck but now his ghost is crying out to them to remove it from him.

Having been a true Rastafari, Mowzey Radio apparently never believed in rosaries and most of Catholic acts but when he died, this rosary was put on him.

Now it is reported that his ghost has appeared to close family members, asking them and begging them to remove it because it is too heavy on his chest.

During an interview on Bukedde tv this morning, his young brother confirmed the story and claimed that the family was taking care of the matter, he added that there’s nothing to worry about since they are believers.

“It is true Radio’s ghost is demanding us through dreams. He want us to remove the rosary that was placed on his chest, that is heavy but we are praying since are all believers,” One of the family members in a live Bukedde tv interview.

Radio was laid to rest in 2018, he was one of the best Uganda musicians. The death of radio shocked the country and the rest of the world.

Source – Matooke Republic

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