EULOGY: Dick Karuhanga; Who didn’t allow his Passionate membership of the FDC to come Between us

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By K. David Mafabi

As I mourn Dick and other Compatriots who have succumbed to COVID-19, I must express  my exasperation with Ugandans!

Please stop bashing the President on all sorts of nonsense!

Some of you in the political class and the intelligentsia are exhibiting the highest levels of irresponsibility, dishonesty and opportunism …

You are now playing and replaying a clip from his interview with Canary Mugume, and sanctimoniously and piously intoning, “Museveni has brought all the COVID-19 deaths upon us! He should not have held elections”!

Yet, at the time, your incredible response was, “the man is afraid of elections”!

If indeed, he had gone to declare a state of emergency, you would have retorted, “there goes the dictator”!

When Government agreed on the middle ground of a scientific, hybrid election – you recklessly rejected the SOPs!!

Now, some of you without batting an eyelid, are saying if the Health Sector had been “given priority” in the State Budget, there would have been no COVID-19 deaths .. . Totally ignoring how the pandemic has wreaked havoc in the most advanced countries in the world, with the most advanced medical services!

Then, finally, you are throwing alleged corruption in management of the pandemic into the mix … Yes, all such allegations must be fully and urgently investigated, and the law takes its full course. That, is what you should talk about – instead of bashing the President! He has provided sterling leadership to the country, in the most challenging of circumstances. And, there is nothing partisan about the pandemic!

Let’s all remain vigilant about the virus, observe the SOPs. Any slight absent mindedness, and the virus strikes.

Go well, Dick – worthy son of the Ugandan and Afrikan Peoples.

Source – Trumpet News

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