Muntu Likens Ugandan Security Forces to Robots

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The Alliance for National Transformation party (ANT) presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu has castigated the Uganda Police, the UPDF and other Security Agencies, which he said are now operating like robots.

Muntu who formerly commanded the national army noted that any officer has the provision where they can study and analyze the situation other than just implementing what he called wrong orders.

“The problem I noticed in the whole country is that there are many police officers who seem to have the ability or will to exercise flexibility once they analyze a situation and they will find that their alternative option needs to be applied in the situation. Ordinarily that’s what the Officers should do on the ground but because of the fear and the terror that is meted out onto the police and intelligence services and wrong orders, they find that they end up enforcing orders like robots,” he said.

“The flexibility that they can exercise which is always available, is no longer an option for them and that is why we keep asking them that as individuals let them vote for change and create a new environment in which they can act professionally,”

Muntu made these remarks after he was kicked out of Moyo district campaigns after he failed to agree with the police on the venue.

In his narration, Muntu said that as they traveled to Moyo with his team as per the schedule agreed upon with the Electoral Commission, he maintained his plan of meeting the public in a limited number and then hold a radio talk show,

“On arrival, we were barricaded by police, who insisted on a different plan of action, including the venue of our meeting. Their intentions as it has always been are to frustrate us into confrontation,” he said

Known for being polite and non-chaotic compared to other opposition presidential candidates, Muntu said he just withdrew and opted for a radio talk show,

“Our policy as always is to avoid putting our people in harm’s way, we therefore canceled our public meeting and proceeded to radio. This indiscipline by security forces is only a symptom of a more serious problem we face as a nation: a president who puts his survival a head of Uganda’s needs,” he noted

Muntu later proceeded to Yumbe district where he held a mini-rally calling upon his supporters to vote for him since he is disciplined.

Source – ChimpReports

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