Video: FDC’s Amuriat Endorses NRM-leaning Candidate for Kamuli Municipality MP Seat

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Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential Candidate Patrick Oboi Amuriat has this Sunday surprisingly endorsed Hajjati Kayanga Baroda Watongola for the Kamuli Municipality (MP) seat.

Kayanga, it is understood was last month nominated at the last gasp to replace her mother, MP Hajjati Rehema Watongola after she succumbed to the Covid-19 on November 14, 2020.

Despite hailing from a National Resistance Movement (NRM) family, the 27-year-old choose to use a chair as her symbol but retained the ruling party’s yellow color. 

However, while speaking at a Dua that was held at Butende village in memory of the deceased Legislator, Amuriat boldly implored FDC party members to support the latter.

“I want to ask Salaamu (Musumba) that we lead troops, our troops to support Baroda. There is no complaint whatsoever. If this can wipe the tears of Hajji Badru (widower), let this wipe his tears,” he urged.

“She might be leaning to NRM but I also saw some people within the family waving our two finger sign. So this is a mixed family, I am sure about that,” Amuriat stated further.

Much as this development looks strange, Amuriat said that prior to her death she had reconciled with her closest competitor Salaamu Musumba who is now seeking to unseat Speaker Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga.

 “She (Salaamu) wanted to regain her leadership position but we asked Salaamu that she was not the chosen person for the leadership of the municipality. Then she (Salaamu) began talking good things about Hajjati Watongola and we saw the friendship developing,” he disclosed.

“Later, I met Hajji himself. We had to take a decision on where Salaamu should go and contest. The decision was taken nearly three years ago,” Amuriat narrated.

Following these talks, he revealed that the Party became friends with the late and when he learnt that the family was bedridden from Covid-19, Salaamu was sent to represent them.

Speaking in Lusoga dialect, the widower Hajji Badru Wetongola thanked Amuriat for standing with them despite belonging to different political camps. He revealed that even the late Hajji Kirunda Kivejinja, who was delegated to attend the late’s burial, never surfaced.

“They told him (President Museveni) that I together with my two sons were admitted due to Covid. But he couldn’t make it because he fears Covid,” he alluded.

Salaamu, who is eyeing the Kamuli Woman Member of Parliament (MP) seat, called for unity between different political formations.

Source – ChimpReports

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