Developing Story: More Witnesses pinning Military on ‘Intentionally knocking’ Frank fail to locate Crime Scene at Busega

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In our pursuit to fully establish the cause of Francis Senteza Kalibala’s death, this website has made a second physical visit to Busega township and interviewed over 20 residents who claim to have been present at a time he was lying lifeless in the road.

Those interviewed include, traders, food vendors, boda boda riders, bar attendants, special hire drivers and others.

It should be noted that on Monday, TrumpetNews interviewed a few eyewitnesses who recounted how the saga began from Kyengera to Busega where Francis Senteza alias Frank, a private bodyguard of Robert Kyagulanyi fell off the car.

His death has since generated many narratives peddled by Mr Kyagulanyi and his supporters, eyewitnesses and government authorities.

In our earlier investigation, witnesses confessed that Frank had fallen off as he attempted to jump into a minibus commonly known as a drone.

However, following TrumpetNews detailed story, some media outlets carried stories suggesting that it is true Frank had fallen off the minibus and immediately knocked by a military truck which had been pursuing Bobi Wine.

A section of the public said the account of falling off a van and getting knocked by the military truck seemed believable.

Believers of this version of the story concluded that, Frank’s untimely death could have been an accident.

They further disagreed with Mr Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine who Sunday claimed that the military truck run over his bodyguard, stopped, reversed and finished him before driving away.

H4DF 2382, is the registration number of the military vehicle which had targeted Frank, Bobi Wine further alleged on Twitter.

Both the military and the police dismissed Bobi Wine’s accusations maintaining that Frank fell off the minibus, registration number UBF 850z.

Fresh Vist to Busega

In our second visit to the ‘Crime Scene’ we found more journalists busy on duty, interviewing whoever wished to be in camera to explain what he or she clearly saw on that fateful day.

A food vendor identified as Jessica Nakalema talking to journalists

The first five witnesses insisted that Frank had been knocked by a speeding military truck. Two of these witnesses who were women said they were around before police fired bullets, teargas and beat up everyone who stood along the road to cheer-up Bobi Wine.

The lady identified as Jessica Nakalema further said, the military truck run over Frank and reversed to finish him.

“Clearly they wanted to kill him,” she said.

Ronald Ssebwato another witness maintained same rhetoric that army truck knocked Frank after he had fallen from the minibus.

But one of the witnesses a boda boda rider disagreed with them saying the truck didn’t reverse to “finish Frank” but instead run over him once and continued trailing Bobi Wine.

Ronald Ssebwato is among the witnesses who could identify the exact crime scene, yet he claimed to have been present

Unable to Locate Crime Scene

Shockingly, some of the boda boda riders on this stage laughed off “fake accounts” these eyewitnesses were giving us. They challenged them to show us where the crime scene is.

Speaking in Luganda, the boda boda riders said, “can you locate the crime scene?”

We asked these witnesses to prove them wrong, unfortunately they couldn’t locate the exact spot where Frank had been knocked from.

One of the riders later showed us the spot covered with blood and flies.

A witness pointing to the crime scene

This is when it emerged that the crime scene was far from the boda boda stage about- 70 metres where we interviewed these eyewitnesses.

Some of the residents said those, “those talking to journalists were not present. Those who saw what happened don’t want to talk.”

No teargas, no bullets

A businesswoman, who looked on as some witnesses misled the journalists later agreed to talk to this website but wished not to be named or her photo taken.

“If you want the truth extend to the other side. These boda boda boys and other people you interviewed are telling lies. They were not here. They were not present. Everything they are saying is a lie. The ones who know the truth are quiet because they were intimidated,” she said.

She added that, it is not true that security fired any bullets, teargas or beat up onlookers as earlier alleged by some witnesses.

This witness claimed police had fired bullets and teargas to disperse them.


This website has also established that a section of the youthful boda boda riders and businessmen in this area where the incident occurred warned residents against “speaking to strangers about what happened.”

A special hire driver whom we approached declined to talk to us. “I was present but I don’t want to say anything.”

Three women vending food on the road side confessed that they would also not speak despite knowing the truth.


Two boys who own a chapati stall and a lady operating kiosk stationed exactly opposite the crime scene agreed to speak to TrumpetNews only if our reporters disguised as buyers.

“Because these all people you see warned that we shouldn’t talk to anyone about Bobi Wine’s guard,” the two boys said.

They asked not to be photographed.

“The truth is that boy hit his face on the tarmac after he attempted to jump in a speeding drone,” they said.

Asked why we should trust their account, they said “this is the only truth which everyone who was present knows. Those lying may be have their interests.”

“We saw what happened.”

The chapati stall is approximately 30 metres from where Frank fell.

“The military car was moving very fast. If it had knocked him, they simply pick his flesh from the tarmac. But his face was not so broken.” they added.

This is the chapati stall which is opposite where Frank fell

The lady operating a kiosk said one of the occupants of the drone held Frank’s hand pulling him to enter the car, as jumped he missed the step and hit the head on the car door and landed on tarmac.

“The military truck was speeding, the driver simply dodged Frank who was already down and continued trailing Bobi Wine,” she said.

The trio concluded that, “this is the only truth. Everyone here knows it. But many will not say it.”


Following our second visit to Busega, we have observed that, Bobi Wine was not anywhere close to the crime scene and drone to conclude that the military truck knocked, reversed and finished off Frank.

That among the crew members occupying the drone was someone recording all the details. This videographer was wearing a helmet.

That if the military vehicle hit Frank it would simply run over him not only smashing his head with a metallic guard as earlier reported.

The spot where Frank rolled to after hitting the head on tarmac

That some witnesses are simply misleading the media for their own agenda.

NUP Speaks

Speaking to this website on Monday Joel Ssenyonyi, the National Unity Platform (NUP)the organisation’s spokesperson on why his team rejected the postmortem and if the establishment was hiding something or trying to frame police, he laughed off saying Police and the Military should own up Frank’s death.

“Refusing a postmortem doesn’t mean Police and Military didn’t kill Frank. The family of Frank asked for his body to go and bury it because that is what they wanted,” he said.

He added that, “Ritah Nabukenya who was killed at Nakawa, after police did postmortem did they bring her killers to book?”

“With or without a postmortem the military and police killed Frank.”

He concluded that “some comments are hard to give.”

Source – Trumpet News

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