TUMUKUNDE: We have no chance of winning an election in these circumstances

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With the anticipated January 14 polls drawing closer, the Renewed Uganda pressure group presidential flag bearer Gen. Henry Tumukunde highly doubts if the elections will be free and fair given the oppression they’re enduring during the on-going campaigns.

The former Security Minister says the regime is using the pandemic to rig the elections as it was supposed to be the case. For this he doubts if the opposition have a chance to win an election in these circumstances.

“It is laughable to talk about free and fair elections. President Museveni has finished all districts. He is left with three or four. When he is done, that is when they think of COVID19. My view is that this is rigging,” says Tumukunde.

Despite admitting that he knows what will come his way, Tumukunde vows to visit areas where campaigns were suspended after being highlighted as hotspots for COVID-19 by the Health Ministry.

“There should be an interface between voters and the people they are supposed to vote for. From day one, this is not an election what so ever,” says Gen. Tumukunde.

Source – Matooke Republic

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