Bebe Cool Smuggles Bebe Cool onto the Bebe Cool List

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As the norm is, Bebe Cool, the leader of Uganda’s silent majority releases his annual list of Uganda’s best music artistes. This time round, it was all clear that he stood no chance to be on his list.

The crafty Bebe Cool started off the list with all the right names, and the right songs. One of those was Pallaso whom he now described as a friend, and brother. He mentioned Winnie Nwagi described as the female version of Bebe Cool. Finally he sent a warning to Vinka to tighten her belts lest she never appears on the list again.

On the same list, Bebe Cool had praises for the Ratata singer aka Zex Bilangilangi of Bobi Wine’s firebase crew. It was a peaceful list.

Then as everyone was about to close their eyes, Bebe Cool magically smuggled Bebe Cool onto the list. He praised his Feelings song, and his Zero, Zero, Zero song. Everyone was in shock, for without a doubt, Bebe Cool didn’t deserve to be on the Bebe Cool list. But since it is Bebe Cool, he bribed Bebe Cool to put Bebe Cool on the Bebe Cool list.

Source – BigEye.UG

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