MUSEVENI: We shall not tolerate anybody to mess up Uganda

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President Yoweri Museveni has appealed to Ugandans to be patriotic for once and behave well in the remaining two weeks so that the country can have peaceful elections.

According to Museveni, elements in the opposition are intimidating Ugandans and scaring them away from participating in the upcoming general elections.

 “Wherever I go they talk of intimidation, people are crying of intimation by the opposition elements, the other day I was in Mawokota and the Hon. Nakawuki was crying of intimidation by the group belonging to NUP,” Museveni said while delivering his End of Year speech.

Museveni said they’re ready to deal with any kind of violence planned by the opposition to destabilize the country.

“Don’t be tempted to think that you are too clever because we are here, we shall not tolerate anybody to mess up Uganda,” he said.

The President also revealed how he’s getting information that some people are planning to rig elections including election officials. He said he’s gathering more information to be able to bring all individuals involved to book.

Source – Matooke Republic

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