West Nile: Amuriat to Fix River Nile Flooding Disasters

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Forum for Democratic Change’s (FDC) Presidential Candidate, Patrick Oboi Amuriat has concluded his tour of Uganda’s West Nile region with a pledge to cure the area’s flooding problems.

Addressing residents of Panyimur Town Council on Friday, following the death of Zulaika Yasin an area FDC councilor due to floods; Amuriat a trained engineer told locals that stopping the area’s flooding challenges posed by the nearby Albert Nile and Lake Albert does not require rocket science.

“What reason do you have for voting this Government and yet they cannot resolve such an issue which looks to be simple?” he said.

3 Amuriat dressing a new convert in Panyimur Town Council with an FDC T-Shirt on January 1, 2020

“We as a Government, we are going to create an embankment here along the Nile so that however high the Nile wants to overflow, water will not get into your homes,” Amuriat said.

This he said was something government should have done a long time ago.

“His (President Yoweri Museveni) officials keep spending money travelling around the world but they have learnt no lessons from wherever they go. In a country like the Netherlands, the sea is higher than land but you cannot find Flooding happening like it is happening in Panyimur,”

Furthermore, Amuriat criticized authorities for their slow response each time the area is devastated by floods and pledged to do better if he is elected.

“I am going to provide emergency measures so that in the event you have such a situation, you can be relocated to higher grounds where you will be provided with temporary shelter, food and provisions to make your life easier,” he assured.

From there he proceeded to Zulaika Yasin’s family at Mosque cell, Parongo Town Council before heading to Erusi Trading center where he pledged to end the pervasive economic imbalance between Uganda’s Northern and Southern Regions.


Source – ChimpReports

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