Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba Fires Back at Bobi Wine’s ‘Drunken Stupor’ Remarks: ‘I am proud to Represent Fellow Human Beings You Despise’

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Special Forces Commander, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has slammed Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, saying the presidential candidate’s “cheap politicking” and attacks on armed forces “will be absolutely shown for what they are.”

Bobi Wine recently launched a scathing attack on Muhoozi, saying it was an insult that the General wears “our uniform.”

Bobi added: “Such an embarrassment to the decent men and women in uniform who work hard to keep our nation safe. The criminals you (Muhoozi) arm to murder and torture citizens won’t save you and your father when citizens rise up to defend themselves.”

In a series of Tweets this Sunday morning, Muhoozi fired back: “‘Your’ uniform? Who are you? I thought you were a Ugandan like me? Your cheap politicking about embarrassments to service men and women will be absolutely shown for what they are anytime you want.”

The trading of jabs between Muhoozi and Bobi started last year as the latter used social media to fight President Museveni.

Sources tell ChimpReports Muhoozi feels offended by Bobi Wine’s relentless and personal attacks on his dad – President Museveni.

On the other hand, Bobi’s camp is angry that President Museveni keeps referring to them as agents of colonialists seeking to destabilize Uganda for personal gain.

Muhoozi, a senior Presidential advisor in charge of Special Operations, was recently redeployed as SFC commander.

He was since warned ‘colonialists’ remained hellbent on working with local opposition figures to destabilize Uganda during the election period, schemes he said would be defeated in the entire Africa.

“The security forces working together will perform their historical responsibility and ensure our citizens vote peacefully and go about their day to day lives without any disturbances,” he said.

The exchanges on Twitter have since attracted attention from millions of social media enthusiasts.

‘Drunken stupor’

In another Tweet today, Muhoozi responded to Bobi’s accusations that the General deleted Tweets after “waking up from a drunken stupor”.

Muhoozi observed: “… So you have a thing against the millions of Ugandans and the billions of human beings who have ever woken up from a ‘Drunken stupor’ as you call it? Well, then I’m proud to represent those fellow human beings that you despise! May they live long and prosper!”

Muhoozi could be reading from Donald Trump’s script.

Research shows that in attacking Trump’s character, Hillary Clinton actually strengthened support for him.

Trump’s supporters whom Clinton described as ‘deplorables’ made them more entrenched.

Behavioral science research by Christopher Graves, global chairman of Ogilvy Public Relations, shows that attempts to refute false information could actually reinforce people’s misperceptions.

Experts argue that Clinton campaign’s focus on Trump’s racist and sexist statements may have had the perverse effect of making his supporters feel defensive, and more supportive.

Muhoozi could be banking on the “backfire effect” of Bobi’s Tweets to rally support from people of all walks of life including those who ‘wake up from drunken stupor’ for his father ahead of the January 14 presidential elections.

Earlier this week, Muhoozi deleted a Tweet in which he responded to Bobi’s statements that the Banyankole not only gave him a name Musinguzi (Victor) but also a wife – Itungo.

Muhoozi had earlier Tweeted: “That Musinguzi? What did he (Bobi) win? This is an insult not only to Banyankole but against all tribes of western Uganda.”

Bobi said Muhoozi was being tribalistic.

In a Tweet this early morning, Muhoozi responded to Bobi: “This is a completely impossible act! I’m a Munyankore, born and bred but I was never consulted when the ‘Banyankore’ gave you their daughter. It seems you don’t know the Banyankore and their customs.”

It appears Muhoozi is telling Bobi that not all support him.

Supporters from both camps – People Power and Muhoozi have since weighed in on the exchanges now trending on Twitter.

Amviktar, a supporter of Bobi, Tweeted: “@mkainerugaba the clock is ticking, no matter when but the time will still come n we shall have the last laugh. Nothing lasts forever.”

A fan of Muhoozi observed: “General Muhoozi, when an elephant [you] is walking into a homestead, the dogs will always bark. The elephant is not concerned by the barks of the dogs, it continues to walk. You will be the CIC of Uganda

Source – ChimpReports

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